Twisted Tea and Ford Mustang Summer Text to Win Contest

Pictured below is a promotional graphic for the Twist Up Your Car text to win contest. Ford Mustang partnered with Twisted Tea to offer this summer special. Text to win contests are a great way to engage with customers and grow your text message marketing list. Although we’re definitely fans of the concept, there’s a couple things we would change about this graphic.

Text Message Marketing

  • Text “MUSTANG” to 30364 should be larger and more prominent. If entry instructions aren’t a main focal point, you won’t observe the maximum customer engagement.
  • The compliance statement at the bottom is incredibly small, and borderline illegibile. When making your text to win promotional graphic, make sure customers can read all disclaimers. This will increase trust, and save you from any potential legal issues.

On the flip side, we love the actual images used. The prize is pictured at the top, making a bold statement. Branding was kept at the forefront, as the Twisted Tea bottle was placed on the bottom left.

Always make sure text to win contest sponsors are easy to pick out. This will encourage long term brand awareness. Make the most of your text to win contest by being clear and concise. Keep important information bold and prominent, all while branding remains intact.

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