TV Ads Prove Appealing to Mobile App Marketers

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Just when we thought television ads were becoming a thing of the past, and only suitable for billion dollar corporations, we’ve been proven wrong. Recent studies show that television ads are the go to for mobile app marketers nationwide. What makes this costly method appealing? Two things: reach and proven results. Television ads have been around for a while, and rightfully so, but now more than ever, they’re attracting app marketers looking for overnight success.

Quad Media, a top marketing agency, has booked more than 12,000 television spots spanning across 11 different countries for app marketers so far this year. The numbers don’t lie, this truly is becoming a go to method, but why? Listed below are three thought patterns that support this new trend.

1. Performance based advertising options are growing to be relatively unaffordable, while television fits comfortably within most budgets.

2. Recognizable TV campaigns run by some of the app industry leaders (a la Kate Upton in Game of War’s spot during the Superbowl) have encouraged lower level players to jump in and follow this trend.

3. Companies are now looking for and recognizing the brand building capabilities of television. Go from unknown to millions of app downloads in a matter of 30 – 60 seconds.

Given this obvious reasoning, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this method?

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