Top Takeaways from Abercrombie & Fitch “WARRIOR” Text to Win Campaign

Did you know that a ton of mass retailers use text message marketing to engage with their customers? Even the trendiest stores make use of this immediate and affordable communication method. When observing retail text message marketing campaigns, you’ll notice that they all regularly turn to text to win contests.

Why? Because this is by far the quickest way to grow your list. As long as you offer a rewarding and appealing prize, even non customers will think twice about joining your list. Here’s a campaign we pulled from a winter 2013 promotion.

Text Message Marketing

Besides the power of a text to win contest, what else can you takeaway from this text message marketing campaign? Here’s 3 quick tips.

1. All prizes are clearly stated and pictured.

Potential entrants want to know what they could win. They need to have a good idea of what they might potentially receive in exchange for their phone number. This gives them an extra incentive, and therefore, raises the chance of them joining your list.

2. The textword is unique to the contest.

Notice that one of the prizes is a Warrior Jacket, and therefore the textword to enter is WARRIOR. Doing this eliminates any confusion, and keeps your brand and products at top of mind awareness.

3. The image is branded with the Abercrombie & Fitch logo. 

If non customers happen to run across this visual, but aren’t sure about entering right away, they at least interacted with a branded promotional material. So, maybe a couple weeks down the road, when they’re thinking about what winter jacket to buy, this image might pop into their head.

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