Top Online Texting Service, Releases Drip Campaigns Feature

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Are you familiar with drip marketing? Tons of cutting edge, digital marketing tools make use of this functionality, and observe increased engagement as a result. Essentially, our new drip marketing feature allows you, the SMS marketing user, to be pretty hands off when it comes to campaign development. And, with digital marketing, this is ideal, right? The less day to day management, the better.

After signing up for a suitable plan with our online texting service, hop into your Slick Text Dashboard. Set up automated messages that send after a selected amount of time. For example, maybe you want a welcome offer to fire out 24 hours after a new subscriber signs up for your list. That’s pretty common, and totally doable.

Our drip marketing feature streamlines that entire process for you. Instead of worrying about making individual contact, you can set drips that fall in line with your marketing goals. Remember, never reach out to a subscriber “just because”. Instead, you should still be offering some sort of value in every SMS campaign.

If done correctly, drip campaigns will drastically increase your subscriber engagement, as well as offer redemption. But, as taught in SMS marketing best practices, don’t overdo it. Don’t be invasive or obnoxious.

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