Top Features from Our Group Texting Service

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Our group texting service prioritizes results. That’s no secret, as we’re constantly seeing users upgrade to paid plans. Sure, we give you an awesome return on your investment, but what other rewards do you reap when partnering with

First things first, let’s dive a bit deeper into our favorite text marketing features.

Birthday Rewards

Reward your text marketing subscribers for their continuing loyalty. Our system will automatically fire out an exclusive offer to your subscribers on their special day. This will definitely enhance brand loyalty and customer relationships management efforts, as it’s a personalized touch that goes above and beyond the “marketing” call of duty.

Text to Win Contests

This breaks up the campaign routine a bit. Run a text to win contest, and make sure your entry incentive is completely irresistible. You want all subscribers to jump at a chance to win the grand prize. Make sure to reward all non winners with something equally as appealing, like $2 off their next order, or something of the like.

MMS Messaging

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and it’s time you start using them in your text marketing campaigns. Let’s say you own a boutique dress shop. You just received a large shipment of the most popular cocktail dress this season. Yes, you should fire a message out to your dedicated shoppers, but why not include a picture? This will totally sell the dress, and encourage shoppers to stop in and make a purchase. It’s a win, win situation.

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