The Text Marketing Trifecta: 3 Campaigns That Will Always Perform

text marketing campaigns

So you’ve signed up for your very first text marketing plan, and you’re ready to kickstart some successful campaign composition. These three basic campaigns are a great place to start. They regularly perform, and are extremely easy to set up.

1. Text to Win Contest

Pick an irresistible grand prize, and one small instant win offer. For example, everyone who joins your contest might receive a $2 off coupon, and then will also be entered to win a larger grand prize – like a $500 shopping spree. These two separate elements are crucial to your contest success. If you have one and not the other, you won’t experience maximum results.

2. Show This Text

This is definitely one of the most common text marketing campaigns. It’s easy to execute and track. A show this text campaign does just that – requires subscribers to show a text message to the business in order to redeem the offer. Want to take it one step further? Instead of doing a plain text message, insert a mobile coupon link in your campaign.

3. Birthday Rewards

Our birthday rewards feature capitalizes on the concept of customer loyalty. People want to shop with companies that genuinely put an effort into building a long term relationship based on purchase history and shopping preferences. Remember, your birthday reward shouldn’t require a purchase. Ideally, it should be a free gift that rewards them on their special day for being a loyal subscriber.

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