TextualAds, the New Text Marketing Facebook App

Facebook Text Marketing AppTextualAds is a new Facebook app that was recently launched to help bring together two of the most powerful –and most desired –methods of marketing –social media and text marketing.

Together with Fan Pages the new app asks  consumers to opt-in to receive offers from specially selected brands that may fit within their desires.  Offers that a customer will receive are based on information from their profile, including their geo-location , their age or even the country or city they live in.

The offers sent to consumers vary, which Is great for both parties. Companies can choose offers based upon their genre while the consumer gets an amazing deal that can’t be refused. For example, a restaurant can send a coupon for a free entrée or a hair salon a free service.

With this app companies can create a tab on their Facebook page that offers the chance to sign up to receive such offers. There is a dashboard for the business owner so they can easily decipher ages/genders and locations of those who have submitted their cell phone number.

This is an app that is similar to other programs out there, however it is far more beneficial since it is integrated with Facebook and social media, something that is a big part of people of all ages lives.