Text Messaging for Ministries Becomes a Popular Concept

ministry texting

How can ministry leaders reach hundreds, even thousands of congregation members at the touch of a button? This might sound like a trick question, but it’s definitely not. You can easily reach out to your devoted community via text message. Partner up with our ministry texting service, and try your hand at the following campaigns.

Daily Devotionals

Fire out inspirational messages to your devoted congregation. It doesn’t always have to be daily; weekly will suffice. Either way, keep members motivated and in the right frame of mind with text messages that lift their spirits.

Event Reminders

Have a ladies’ retreat coming up? How about a youth event? Fire out a text message reminding all congregation members. Now remember, with Slick Text, you can actually segment your ministry texting list. This allows you to only touch base with qualified readers. For example, you don’t want to send out a men’s small group reminder to the women of your church. Probably wouldn’t do you any good, and could cause a high amount of opt outs along the way.

Service Cancellations

Don’t take any travel risks. If the weather is too severe, and could cause potential traffic hazards, notify congregation members immediately. You can count on our mass texting service, as we prioritize your sense of urgency and need for reliability.

Learn more about how to use text messaging for your ministry. Give us a buzz today at 1.800.688.6290 to learn more, or head on over to the pricing page and sign up for your free plan. Our feature rich platform allows you to instantly communicate with congregation members at the click of a button. Fire out daily devotions, event reminders, service cancellations, and more. It’s 2016. Text messaging is by far, the easiest way to send out important alerts in a short period of time.