Text Message Marketing Wins For Coffee Giant

Starbucks Text Message MarketingStarbucks isn’t a stranger to the world of text message marketing, and now the coffee giant is at it again, this time using the popular form of promotion to introduce their “Frappuccino Fun All Summer Long’ campaign. With this campaign,  subscribers receive up to six messages each month, each designed to get the consumer in the door to enjoy one of the signature beverages. Along with using text messages to promote this campaign, Starbucks also turned to the help of social media sites Facebook and Twitter.

The campaign offered consumers the chance to sign up to receive these messages, but they did not forget to include all of the fun needed to keep the campaign engaging to the consumer. Along with the great incentives, MMS videos of people who love Starbucks and wanted to let the world know it was sent to each subscriber. These videos depicted various consumers enjoying their beverage in various settings.

Using Text Message Marketing the Right Way

To participate in this summer fun text program, Starbucks asked customers to send a special keyword to a short code. Once they did a confirmation was sent back, and the fun began.

There are a number of ways to use these marketing features that are mandatory for new subscribers. This includes advertising on social media, urging consumers to get in on the action before it is too late. A phone app for the iPhone was also used to promote the program.

The Results are Astounding

Starbucks has been a long user of text message marketing, and with the results that the brand is seeing, they are certainly doing things right. The company is more than happy wit the results of the campaigns conducted, and they learned the true way to find success was through utilization of multiple sources.