Text Message Marketing Trivia Campaigns Can be Successful

Text Message Marketing TriviaBoth new businesses, as well as those already established, can benefit with the help of a text message marketing campaign. These days text message marketing is the most preferred method of contact, and businesses small and large are getting in on the mix of things. There are a number of ways to conduct an awesome campaign and set yourself apart from the rest of the brands. One of the best ways to do this is with a trivia campaign.

Trivia campaigns have been tested time and time again, and they work! Although it’s an old method of marketing, it is a method that works. Campaigns offering fun quizzes combined with competition and awesome prizes engage a plethora of customers quickly. People love to test their knowledge, and when there is a chance to win a prize, they put their thinking caps on even tighter. While the consumer is having fun, you’re gaining a new name and number to add to the marketing list. Not only are you gaining names, you are also forming loyal, long-time customers who frequent your brand.

To keep your trivia marketing campaign interesting, and new, add your own special twist to the game fun. You’re left to your creative visions to determine the best method for doing this. To give you a bit of inspiration, take a look at ideas others have used in their own campaigns, and expand on that.

Starbucks Trivia Fun

Starbucks isn’t a stranger to text marketing. In fact, the brand is a major player in the world of text message marketing. They allow their creative visions to flow as they create their campaigns, and thus far things have been very successful.

Just one year ago the top-label coffee shop used a trivia SMS campaign with phenomenal results. They provided value to the customer while also ensuring the names on their marketing list continued to grow. Following through with the tools offered by text marketing, Starbucks took things one step further, offering customers location-based Happy Hour clipped (video) information.

The campaign began by quizzing Starbucks customers of the one and only Frappucino, and the first 100 people to answer the question correctly were awarded a copy of the soundtrack ‘The Great Gatsby.” The answer to the question was responded to with a message that also enabled customers the chance to receive alerts from them.


Chipotle is another national restaurant that knows how to market like a champ. They, too used the text message marketing campaign to help them grow their list and gain a larger number of fans and customers. The restaurant held a campaign sponsored by the Hulu series Farmed & Dangerous that enabled participants to educate themselves while also taking a chance to win a great prize. The trivia questions in the campaign tested users knowledge of the foods they eat, with the help of the cast of the show. During TV commercials, ads for the campaign were shown, and all who participated could take advantage of a special  BOGOF deal. The reply included the link to the coupon along with the announcement of the SMS program offered and the urge to opt-in for great offers.

These two very successful restaurant chains have successfully constructed text marketing campaign after campaign, and they’ve certainly mastered the techniques.

Now, let your creative visions flow and develop a winning trivia campaign for your brand.