Text Message Marketing Success for Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen Text Message MarketingText message marketing was recently the marketing highlight at a handful of Kansas area Dairy Queen restaurant franchisees. A recent campaign from the company took place on September 18, elaborating with National Cheeseburger Day and offering the chance to get a burger for just 99 cents. The campaign was popular. It was so popular that two stores ran out of cheeseburgers!

Dairy Queen sent a text message to people on their marketing list alerting of the special deal. Around 1,482 people received the message. The message included the offer details, the location and the time, and even told them to forward the message to all of their friends. The results for the day ended up in a 483% increase in foot traffic into the store that day.

Text message marketing has recently began to increase the hype among customers and brands, and this is just one fine example of how it is put to good use. It is safe to say that text marketing will again be used for this company!