Text Message Marketing Spreads Awareness for Domestic Violence Campaign

Text Message Marketing for Domestic Violence Campaign

You may think that text message marketing is only used to encourage sales or grow business. Some of you may also realize that text message marketing can be used as an internal communication tool. But, what you may not have noticed is how organizations are now using text message marketing to spread awareness about important causes. Recently, domestic violence and abuse is a cause that has been brought to light via several powerful campaigns. One campaign ran out of the UK, and caused many pedestrians to take note via two important tools: facial recognition technology and text message marketing.

Recently, a UK charity called Women’s Aid put up a billboard that encouraged people to take a second look at domestic violence. The billboard used two modern day marketing methods to encourage interaction and spread awareness. First, the billboard employed face recognition technology. It captured the faces of those who looked up, and then ran their image across the bottom of the billboard. This type of method personalized this campaign, and proved that many people were actually paying attention to this message.

Next to this, the domestic violence charity also used text message marketing to spread awareness. On the bottom of the billboard, it reads “Text CHANGE to 60033 to donate and help make domestic violence disappear.” This is one of the first times we have seen text message marketing used in this way, for this type of a cause.

This campaign proves that you don’t always need to use text message marketing to sell. Although this method is primarily used for growing business and increasing sales, we also see that it can effectively help spread awareness. At Slicktext.com, we would be proud to be a part of such an amazing campaign. We encourage all charities or organizations to contact us, and we can develop a custom solution for their cause.

Photo Credit to TheGloss.com