Text Message Marketing In The UK

Text Message Marketing In the UKThe US has seen a rise in text message marketing popularity in 2013, and now things are moving north. WARC published a report recently that highlighted the benefits and the results of text marketing. This report indicated that customers in the UK prefer text messages for marketing communication. These findings come after a poll of approximately 1,572 customers. These customers downloaded a special app. Those findings showed the high preference for text marketing. Around 70% of all UK mobile phone users are likely to engage with a brand via text marketing, and 49% of those people wanted to receive the messages. It is a situation that enables both the customer and the business to win.

This news is a great thing to hear for businesses who are located in the UK. Starting now, utilizing text marketing should be something that you aim to do. It is highly effective   and preferred, not to mention bound with many other tremendous benefits, too.