Text Message Marketing & Crimestoppers UK

Crimestoppers Using Text Message MarketingCrime Stoppers UK began a new program that would focus upon the knife crime ever increasing in occurrence in East London. The program was rolled out in three schools, and along with  mCriobile, information about crimes can be reported though text message marketing. Anderson Software LLC and mBlox have provided Crime Stoppers UK with a dedicated short code.

Crime Stoppers UK decided to embark upon text messaging in their efforts because text messaging is so popular these days. Young or old, most people carry their cell phones with them at all times, and can access it in situations when they may be unable to talk. It is an excellent way to gather more community involvement and help abolish the knife crimes that are taking place, as well as other types of crimes.

And, it works for school aged children well. Young people are often afraid to face people and ‘tell’ on someone, but through a text message it becomes far easier to report criminal behavior and potentially save someone’s life or a lot of trouble and pain at the minimum. It is completely anonymous, so  that is another way that it appeals to the younger crowd. No one will ever know who made the report.