Text Marketing Working For the UK Hospitality Industry

Text Marketing For HotelsThe hotel and travel agencies in the UK aren’t seeing the same text marketing results as other countries, a new research study from Omnico reveals. Only about 13% of all consumers have ‘opted-in’ or expressed an interest in receiving offers via their mobile device.  Although the numbers are low, it doesn’t come as a surprise to most, considering the fact that the small screen of a smartphone can make it a hassle to do something as important as schedule a stay at a hotel or to book a flight across the country. Sometimes doing this is even a headache from a laptop or PC!

Despite the low numbers for the hospitality industry, there is still slow, but steady, growth in this sector. Since 2009, there has been a 450% increase in mobile users , and an expected continued growth should tally up about $26 billion in sales by the end of 2014.

Most of that increase in text marketing has been after the initial holiday booking has been made. Approximately 75% of mobile usage handled activities such as shopping and scheduling of activities while on holiday.

For marketers in the UK’s hospitality industry, focusing on the traveler that has already made their way to their intended destination is the best way to ensure that your text marketing dollars are going to work for your company. Rather than simply try to sell the consumer a holiday package or a flight, convey your message to enhance their overall experience. Examples that could be beneficial include offering restaurant booking information, reviews, etc.

There are  three components that will ensure a good text marketing campaign:

  1. Promotions: Customers want a good deal, so give that to them via mobile. This could be anything from a last minute deal to a hotel coupon.

  2. Loyalty Rewards: Incentives are very enticing to the consumer, and if they know there is more in it for them than meets the eye, chances are they will keep looking at what you offer. Make sure that the data they use is tracked so you can continue to offer them relevant incentives in the future.

  3. User Experience: Enhance the user experience by offering information such as weather updates, directions, and even route information.

Ensuring that your mobile campaigns are balanced makes things far easier in the long run. Although you might not be able to capture their attention for booking through a mobile device, there are still many other ways that you can reach the consumer, and when you do, there are an array of positive benefits destined to come your way.