Text Marketing Legislation Changes in Canada

Canadian Text Marketing LawsNew anti-spam legislation was recently introduced in Canada. Starting July 1, 2014, the new laws go into effect, and all Canadian companies and developers are affected. It is a good idea to go ahead and start implementing these news laws into your text marketing program, no matter what country you are operating from.

Looking at Push notifications

Have you put a lot of thought into your push notifications? They are considered electronic communication just like an email message or a text message. There are new changes coming under the new legislation, so it is ideal to set the push notifications ‘off’ and allow an opt-in on your app.

It has always been law to ask a person before sending them a text message. This is known as opt-in. However, new light is being shed on the opt-out process, and now is the time for you to also put a great deal of thought into it as well.

The fixed iOS language can quite frankly become a bore very quickly. Users see the same message time after time after time. Rather than do what everyone else is doing, delay your prompt. Explain not the user why you think they should stay in your program. Change the default language in your programs as well.

Once you launch the app to offer the opt-in for the consumer, promote notifications at this time. It will help showcase what is in store for the user and can also add the opt-in dialog in the context.

When the customer is aware of the benefits that they can receive by opting in for the text marketing program they can certainly enjoy signing up for your text message marketing program.

Time for a Little Creativity

Where else can push opt-in be incorporated into your app? You want to be different, but at the same time you want to be bold. When you get a little creative you can certainly set yourself apart from the others. Alaska Airlines has a great example of this. Once a customer has booked a flight and viewed in it the app, they are then encouraged to opt-in. Even those who had opted-out in the past could easily turn push notifications back on and enjoy them. Prime example of great marketing.

The welcome message is also important. It is the  final step in welcoming them to the program once you have received their opt-in, or permission to join and receive your offers. An incentive is always a nice way to get more opt-ins, and it is also the perfect time to send an automatic notification which takes the user to a specific web page, app page or a message for more interest in your brand.

It is recommended that automated message functions be enabled. It is a great way to break the ice between the customer and to help them feel more engaged and connected with the brand. Any company that knows a thing or two about making their customers happy will tell you this is one of the primary things to accomplishing order to attain success.