Text Marketing & Horse Racing go Hand in Hand

Text Marketing For Horse RacesHorse racing is popular around the world, and thousands of people from around the world place bets on their favorite horses. Bloomsbury Racing is helping those who bet on the races with a subscription based text marketing service that provides all of the news that you need to know to make the best bets. The subscription is monthly based.

According to  Jim McAleer, the Bloomsbury Racing Office Manager, the company needed a reliable company to help them handle the thousands of text messages automatically. Most of the text messages the company sends are on Friday, adding to the need to have text marketing managed efficiently.

Bloomsbury Racing provides a nice incentive to anyone who signs up to receive these text alerts, and advertising to join is advertised through a plethora of avenues. How does Bloomsbury Racing use text? One free tipis sent  when an inquiry is made. A second message is sent to thank them for being fans, and the third message gives them yet another tip.

McAleer says that text marketing is very affordable and highly effective bringing awareness and profits their way. Additionally the text message marketing efforts plan to be enhanced, with even more campaigns and fun rewards.