Text Marketing Helps Stop Bullying

Text Marketing Helps Stop BullyingComing in September, British Columbia Canada schools are launching a text marketing program aimed at helping eliminate bullying. During the hours of 3 p.m. and 11 p.m. daily, students will be able to text a special number to report acts of bullying. As a two-way message service, students who text will receive a message back from a specially trained “I Am Someone Society” social worker. The program is being used as a marketing platform for the organization, one that is dedicated to eliminate bullying. Students have someone trained to handle bullying to give them advice, tips and simply someone to listen when other people might be unavailable.

Text messages are popular with the teenage crowd. In fact, girls between the ages of 13 and 15 send an average of 250 texts each day while boys of the same age send about 175 daily text messages. Teens who might be afraid to talk to someone in person or who simply feel more comfortable talking via text can certainly find this new feature beneficial should bullying be something that  experienced.

The data collected by the schools during text marketing for this special program is transferred to the I Am Someone Society, where it is then analyzed for interaction time frames, the nature of the texts, ages and genders of those texting and more.

While currently available only in BC, it is hopeful that the bullying text marketing program will expand to other areas, too, in the very near future.