Text Marketing Growth Expands in UK

Text marketing in the UKMore people access the web with their smartphone than they do with laptops. They have their phone in their hands what seems like all day long, and it is used to make calls and text friends/family, but that is only the start of the many ways that text marketing is used. People use it to shop online, find information, access social media stores and more. The text marketing frequency is much larger in the US, however recent findings indicate that the UK is following in suit of the US and their text marking results.

O2 Media, a popular marketing company, conducted a survey in 2012 that showed that 14% of the 252 surveyed marketers set aside additional money to be used in a SMS campaign, and 7% used money from other marketing sources on text messaging rather than other options. By 2013 only an increase to10% for money being spent on such a campaign.

Things are starting to turnaround, however, and nowadays UK marketers are looking more toward text marketing. It is expected that mobile advertising will soon become bigger than print advertisement methods. While the UK market is lagging behind in text marketing efforts, things are looking up.  How fast can they keep up with the US?