Studies Show That Over 25% of US Citizens Redeem Text Marketing Offers

Text Marketing Offers

Text marketing is still a relatively new marketing technique, but some people don’t realize how extremely effective it is. It isn’t old school, it isn’t spammy, and it isn’t archaic. In years to come, we predict that it will be a go to marketing method for all businesses – big and small. Text marketing isn’t what it was five years ago. This year, more than ever, it’s an undeniable immediate communication and mobile marketing method.

We regularly discuss text message open rates, as well as mobile device usage. Although these numbers are overwhelming, they don’t directly prove the success of text message marketing. Remember, the majority of text communication is still primarily personal. People are texting their friends and family. So how do brands and retailers fit into these statistics? Research gathered by shows that in 2014, over 25% of US citizens connected with brands via text message to redeem an exclusive offer. This number is considerably higher than the UK, which only hovers at around 17%. American citizens are embracing text message marketing with open arms, and research predicts that these numbers will continue to grow in years ahead. Germany and France fell even further behind, with retail text message engagement rates between 7% and 8%. It’s safe to say that the United States is on top of the text communication trend.

Now the question is, why are one out of every four mobile device users communicating with their favorite brands via text message? There’s only one clear reason: valuable and exclusive incentives. Brands fire out VIP deals to their text marketing subscribers. They aren’t using text marketing as an information sharing channel. They’re cutting right to the chase with valuable offers. We always recommend growing your text marketing list with a unique incentive. Don’t waste your time with any other technique.

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