Starbucks Wins the Text Marketing Contest

Text marketing Campaign by StarbucksSMS marketing, also known as text marketing, is something that Starbucks isn’t taking lightly. The large corporation led a recent text marketing campaign that proved they were out to make a statement. This recent effort offered customers the chance to play a truly amazing trivia contest, with an awesome prize the possible reward. Plus, the chance to sign up for alerts from the coffee chain was also offered, where those who opted-in would receive deals, coupons and other special promotions.
Once people registered with their mobile number Starbucks could determine the type of device the customer had, then enabling the chance to create a fun video detailing the new Happy-Hour at the store and the offers that went along with it.

Starbucks did three things with this campaign: First, they made an exciting offer that attracted customers to give them the number. Next, they determined the decide being used so offers could be sent to each individual. Finally the brought all of the trivia players in touch with their social media pages… And for themselves they also made it possible to track the level of engagement from consumers.
Starbucks proved themselves the leader in the text marketing pack with this fun offer. Consumers want the special offers, but this campaign showed them they can also have fun, too.

The Starbucks trivia Contest
The Starbucks Trivia contest wanted to prove how much consumers knew about the brand’s Frappuccino drink.  The first 100 correct answers to the question were rewarded with The Great Gatsby film soundtrack. They also were sent a text back telling them if the answer provided was correct, and then asking them to opt in for the alerts.

An 11-second video was then sent to the consumer, providing slides of the Frappuccino, the entire product being promotes. The video asked users to photograph themselves drinking the coffee delight and share it on social media sites while also promoting the Happy Hour. The Happy Hour, taking place from 3 to 5 pm, offered a half-price Frappuccino.

Twitter and Instagram links were included in the text marketing message so consumers could ‘like’ and ‘follow’ them while also measuring the engagement level of the campaign.

The only thing that the coffee company could have done to make this campaign better would to have been a link to their website where the trivia question answer could have been found. This would have provided more traffic, however, the Starbucks campaign was one of the best. It engaged the customer, provided the chance to win and a call to action. This is the way that text marketing should go!