Social Challenge App Takes Cause Related Campaigns to Another Level

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Hold onto your hats, all you social cause campaign supporters. Did you take part in the ice bucket challenge? Do you want to use your social participation to promote the greater good? Chances are, you’re the type of person who stays away from selfies, and instead focuses on posts that increase awareness. If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will love the new iOS app, Challenged.

This app allows brands to invite users to take part in cause related campaigns. However, this app prevents brands from using it as a promotional channel. Although a charity is not required at cause creation, app developers hope that users will adopt a “pay it forward” mentality. This app features challenges promoted by brands who have partnered up with celebrities. Each celebrity is picked accordingly, based on social influence and cause related interests.

Right now, the usability of the donation process is slightly less than ideal, but developers plan to launch an ecommerce function within the next six weeks. All brands are required to pay for their participation. Once again, this prevents the app from becoming highly self promotional. Instead, it keeps charitable donations and causes at the forefront.

This app is designed for users 12 years and older. App developers want to keep it clean and safe for preteens, so each initiative is scanned for obscene language and inappropriate content. Developers don’t want this app to become a dump all for irrelevant information, so they’re continuing to increase functionality and usability accordingly.

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