SMS Marketing for Nightclubs Becomes Go to Solution

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For restaurants, SMS marketing has spearheaded the pack as a go to solution. Most franchises make use of this mobile marketing technique, and even local establishments turn to this tactic for steady business growth. Business Review Canada just released a report that suggests modern day nightclubs are also adopting this method as a go to promotional tool. Similar to restaurant owners, club promoters experience an extreme ROI when using text messaging to increase event traffic.

With over 99% of text messages opened within the first five minutes of delivery, it’s easy to see why this mobile communication tactic is so effective.

Increase patron engagement at your nightclub with these three SMS marketing campaign ideas.

Event Invitations and Reminders

Remind SMS VIPs about upcoming events, and if the shoe fits, waive the cover charge for subscribers. When it comes to nightclubs, it’s all about the events. If you’re not running steady event promotion, you won’t see long term results. Sure, food and drink sales help, but event attendance is and always will be your bread and butter.

Special In Club Offers for Patrons

Get their foot in the door with an event reminder, and then reward them with an exclusive SMS marketing offer. It’s time to jumpstart your offer redemption with mobile coupon codes that make engagement irresistible.

Connect on Social

Invite club patrons to connect on social outlets. It goes without saying, the clubbing generation centers their daily communication around social media and text usage. Capitalize on this trend by encouraging your SMS marketing subscribers to like you on Facebook. Similarly, invite your social fans to join your text list. Building your marketing web of communication is always a win win situation.

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