Sip & Win with Pepsi

Pepsi is no stranger to text marketing. They’re a brand that has long relied on this form of marketing, and they continue to do so with complete confidence that it is going to accomplish exactly what they want –interaction with customers and more awareness to the brands and products. A new mobile campaign from Pepsi has now been launched, and this special sweepstakes offer the chance for entrants to win a trip to the 86th Academy Award show.

Together with Regal Entertainment Pepsi is offering this text to win campaign. It’s called the ‘Sip Like a Star’ campaign, and this slogan is one that was found all over those movie theater drink cups until the February 14th promotion end.

Text marketing results prove the customers would rather connect to their favorite brands using their mobile devices, and Pepsi says that in their relationships with marketing customer are more willing to engage with their promotion when it is conducted via SMS rather than other methods. Text message marketing is easyPepsi Text Marketing Contest, quick and convenient, and makes it possible for more people to enter a contest since they can do it right then and there.

Sip to Win with Pepsi

The drink cups with the special slogan were offered at Regal Hollywood locations, and customers had to text the unique code found on their cup to the special code imprinted on the cup for their shot at winning the prize. Once a customer texted to win they received a reply which requested their date of birth. Once this was entered customers learned whether or not they had won an instant prize, and then were entered for the grand prize.

In addition to the text marketing for the movie Pepsi also added a microsite for customer to enjoy.