Scottish Government uses Text Marketing to Increase Health Awareness

Scottish Government Using Text MarketingText marketing has long been a trusted form of marketing that helps businesses of all magnitude reach their customers with exciting offers and promotions, but that is far from all that this marketing stream can do for a company. Recently, Scotland’s government officials have proven just that, using text marketing to help promote health awareness to residents. Numerous advertising campaigns have been created raising awareness about breast cancer, smoking, and even keeping children safe, and talk is there will be many more campaigns ahead. Thanks to the savvy wording and excellent call-to-action offered in each message, citizens have responded well and success is on the table.

Quit Now- While you’re Ahead

The quit smoking campaign was the first from the Scottish government. Individuals who have the desire to kick the habit can text the short code provided, along with their stop date. Each day, the government sent a reply that helps tally the days left until the final day of smoking, as well as incentives, and tips that can help with the urges and other troubles that smokers have when they’re trying to give up the habit. A quit calendar app could be downloaded as well.

Children Need to be Safe

The next campaign offered was in conjunction with a company by the name of Incentivized and with the help of the Scottish Children’s Panel, aiming to help parents sign up for hearings regarding specific children’s issues that might be of importance to their life. Once a user signs up for the text messages, an automatic call is received, providing numerous tips about keeping their child safe, and an invite to attend a hearing if they so desire. In just one month, more than 1,500 people took advantage of this service.

Breast Cancer Awareness

The last of the text marketing campaigns from the government of Scotland was for breast cancer awareness. During this campaign, women were able to locate enters that offered breast cancer screenings. Once the user texts the special short code number, they receive a message response with the contact information for their nearest testing center, as well as urges to be seen as soon as possible.

The Cold Hard Facts

Text marketing is showing its amazement in Scotland, as well as the entire world, proving that, while intended to draw customers in to make a purchase, that is far from its only use or benefit. SMS marketing is easy, simple, and takes nothing more than pushing a couple of buttons on the phone to gain valuable information that can potentially save a life or two. This is just the beginning of text message marketing to promote health awareness, so do prepare to see more in the near future.