Restaurants Need Text Marketing to Provide Results

Restaurant Text MarketingIt is the 18 -34 year old age bracket that is the demographic top for the restaurant industry. It is also technology that drives this age bracket to do more business with those restaurants they most enjoy.  Thanks to text marketing and smartphones, mobile usage for ordering food online has increased, and more people are using their cell phones for other restaurant related inquiries, too, including to find restaurants local to them, to find pricing and special offers and to look at the menu, to name a few things. For big name pizza chains Papa Johns and Dominos, more than 30% of their orders come from their website, making the news even more exciting.

It only makes sense that text marketing is used to drive more customers and to increase loyalty to your brand. It is easy, it is fast and it is simple, among other benefits. As of right now text message marketing has a 90% (or greater) open rate, and generally speaking text messages are read within three minutes of them being received. On top of these exciting numbers,  a 25% redemption rate is also there. Text marketing is a must in today’s technology savvy world, and restaurants two are not already using it are certainly missing out.

There are many  ways that a restaurant can use text marketing, including through coupons, contests, reservations and more. There is a reason for the popularity of text marketing, so if you are a restaurant owner make sure that you are with the program!