Redbox Continues to Impress with Text Message Marketing

Redbox Text Message MarketingRecently Redbox sent a message to individuals on their text message marketing list that presented them with a link for a scratch-off deal. No one knew what kind of deal they would be getting until clicking the link and playing the game. The message was simple: “It’s time to reveal a deal.” At that time, those who received the message were directed to click the hyperlink and ‘scratch’ to find out what that deal was going to give them.

Redbox is a text marketing winner. The brand has consistently used SMS to engage customers and build their list of loyal customers. Each time the company puts out a new campaign, they seem to have it all together and now what it takes to get the excitement growing strong. The company is versatile in their marketing efforts as well, and that is a plus for both the brand and the customer.

Many text message marketing campaigns fail for the simple fact that they do the same thing over and over again. Customers quickly lose interest and eventually opt-out because there is nothing new or exciting taking place.

Once the customer received the message, they were taken to a page with a Redbox vending machine image. To scratch, customers simply ran their finger over the screen. Underneath was a code that could be used to get a free movie.

This form of marketing is stepping up the text message marketing platform, using rich media content. SMS is one of the best ways to reach a customer, and Redbox has managed to become a leader in their efforts.