Radio Listeners Favor Text 4 Info Vs Call

texting for radios

Recent research done by Marketing Architect proves that radio listeners are four times more likely to text in for info than call an 800 number. What could be the potential reasoning behind this behavior? First, it’s much easier to remember a six digit shortcode compared to a ten digit phone number. Listeners want convenience and simplicity. They don’t want to jump through hoops to join a list. And remember, most of the time these listeners are driving when interacting with their favorite station. They might not be able to remember a ten digit phone number, along with other dial in instructions.

According to a recent article published on Business Wire, marketers do love radio texting, and furthermore, “…analytics from a text response are extremely powerful. From location proximity to phone type, the value of text compounds the value of the radio channel…additionally, the responder can be prompted to ‘click to call,’ visit a website and interact in real-time with an agent – turning the text response directly into revenue for marketers.”

Marketers alike can all agree on the importance of detailed analytics and an easy to navigate call to action. Radio texting facilitates both of these important priorities.

Check out our easy text message marketing tips for radio stations. Out of all the possibilities, we highly recommend running an on air text to win contest, as this will gather the most opt ins in the shortest amount of time. When it comes to texting for radio stations, we recommend offering an irresistible opt in incentive, as this will give you the most bang for your buck. Want to learn more? Give us a ring at 1.800.688.6290 or shoot us an email,