Palm Breeze Partners with Local Radio Station for Text to Win Contest

Did you know text to win contests are equally as valuable on a local level? Big brands routinely partner up with local media outlets to run text to win contests that offer a great return. We just came across this recent example from Palm Breeze and Boston’s variety radio station, Mix 104.1. There’s so many things we love about this great promotional graphic. It follows text message marketing best practices, and keeps everything fresh and fun with bright colors and appealing images. This is one of our favorite text to win contest graphics, and here’s why.

Text Message Marketing

  1. First things first, the call to action and entry instructions are clear. They’re placed at the center of the graphic, and pictured in large, bold lettering.
  2. The sunny, relaxing background image draws you in, which in turn, convinces you to enter.
  3. Branded images of each sponsor are included in the graphic.
  4. Social links are placed at the bottom of the flyer.
  5. Value propositions are listed at the bottom of the graphic. We love the actual copy, and how the prize is described. It’s not just listed in a bullet proof or numeric list, it’s actually described in an appealing and irresistible way.
  6. The CTIA compliance statement is also listed at the bottom, preventing Palm Breeze or Mix 104.1 from legal trouble.

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