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29 Oct 2015

SMS Marketing Will Reach New Heights with Upcoming Email Integration

SMS marketing is an immediate and affordable mobile communication tool. Small business owners nationwide can find some sort of value in this tactic. But, as we always advise, never put all your eggs in one marketing basket. Simply put, you should always focus on diversifying your marketing strategy. Test out a handful of different methods, […]
14 Oct 2015

Let’s Review This Papa John’s Text to Win Contest

We love the opportunity that text to win contests bring. With one simple incentive, and tons of contest promotion, you can easily grow your SMS marketing list. Remember, when taking advantage of this awesome SMS marketing feature, be sure to offer an irresistible grand prize. Don’t simply promote a $25 gift card, as this will […]
13 Oct 2015

Mobile Marketing Enhances Brand Loyalty Initiatives

One of the easiest ways to observe increased brand loyalty? Invest in mobile marketing. About 99% of U.S. citizens own a mobile device. Just observing this statistic alone, it’s easy to see why this new school tactic is so effective. A recent study released by Juniper Research suggests that mobile messaging traffic is predicted to increase by 200% in […]
12 Oct 2015

Top Online Texting Service, Slicktext.com Releases Drip Campaigns Feature

Are you familiar with drip marketing? Tons of cutting edge, digital marketing tools make use of this functionality, and observe increased engagement as a result. Essentially, our new drip marketing feature allows you, the SMS marketing user, to be pretty hands off when it comes to campaign development. And, with digital marketing, this is ideal, right? […]
7 Oct 2015

Apple Tight Lipped About New Startup Acquisition

Apple is floating under the radar with their most recent investment, the purchase of Perceptio. On occasion, Apple goes shopping for smaller tech companies that have not yet been tainted by heavy investor relations. Apple prides itself on innovation, and in doing so, looks to align with companies who also walk down this same path. […]
6 Oct 2015

Frequent Mobile Messaging Positively Affects Sales

A recent study released by OtherLevel’s 2015 Retail Mobile Messaging Study suggests that frequent mobile messaging increase sales. The more brands engage with their customers, the more they sell. How can this be?  This study focused on effective holiday marketing tactics, or in other words, spiking retail sales during the gift giving season. The tool, or […]
1 Oct 2015

Marketers Forced to Get Crafty in the Post Attention Age

We’ve preached before on the importance of going mobile with your marketing campaigns. Although we never recommend centering all your efforts around this new school method, it definitely should take up a good chunk of your strategic planning brain space. In general, marketing professionals should always look towards the future, and search for innovative solutions that […]
29 Sep 2015

Guess What? Mobile Marketing Works for Seniors

Tons of business owners think that mobile marketing is most likely reserved for millennials. Although younger generations respond well to these methods, the older demographic can also benefit from creative, yet simple mobile campaigns. When drafting up SMS marketing offers for seniors, keep the following tips in mind. Remember, less is more. Keep it as simple as […]
28 Sep 2015

SMS Marketing for Nightclubs Becomes Go to Solution

For restaurants, SMS marketing has spearheaded the pack as a go to solution. Most franchises make use of this mobile marketing technique, and even local establishments turn to this tactic for steady business growth. Business Review Canada just released a report that suggests modern day nightclubs are also adopting this method as a go to promotional tool. […]
24 Sep 2015

SMS Marketing Discourages Invasive Tactics

SMS marketing is one of the most personal forms of modern day communication. Does it provide tons of immediate return? Absolutely. But, if you’re not careful, you’ll shoot yourself in the foot by being overly invasive. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when developing your SMS marketing campaigns. 1. Respect quiet time. Avoid texting […]