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2 Mar 2016

Here’s How We Stand Above Other School Texting Services

It’s 2016, and without a doubt, texting is where it’s at. You can’t ignore the effectiveness of this communication solution. If you’ve tried text messaging for schools, or expressed interest in this method, here’s why Slick Text should be top on your list. 1. We respect your sense of urgency. Nine times out of ten, your […]
29 Feb 2016

Text Messaging for Ministries Becomes a Popular Concept

How can ministry leaders reach hundreds, even thousands of congregation members at the touch of a button? This might sound like a trick question, but it’s definitely not. You can easily reach out to your devoted community via text message. Partner up with our ministry texting service, and try your hand at the following campaigns. […]
23 Feb 2016

Most Popular Church Text Messaging Campaign Ideas

Want to grow your congregation, keep attendees in the loop, and increase youth participation? Give church text messaging a try. It’s the most efficient way to communication with a congregation that reaches into the thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. Email communication is effective, but doesn’t always guarantee a majority reach. Printed newsletters? Even worse. Stick with […]
22 Feb 2016

Why Our Group Texting Service Wows Customers

in 2016, mobile is where it’s at. If you’re not texting customers, you’re missing out on a huge engagement opportunity. Text marketing helps you increase offer redemption, customer engagement, and brand loyalty. On top of that, this mobile communication tactic is insanely affordable. When choosing a group texting service, make sure you look for one […]
18 Feb 2016

3 Reasons Why Church Texting Works for Every Congregation

Texting for churches is the new trend. Religious organizations nationwide are partnering up with our ministry text messaging service. Our solutions help grow your congregation, and easily retain current membership. Did you know that 99% of all text messages are opened within 5 minutes or less? With that kind of open rate, it’s easy to see how […]
16 Feb 2016

Facebook Made a Text Message Marketing Oopsie

The news has been spreading like wildfire. Apparently, even Facebook can get punished for their actions, especially when it comes to text marketing compliance. A Florida man is filing a lawsuit against this social media platform in response to unwarranted birthday text reminders. He received text messages alerting him of friend’s birthdays. Unfortunately for Facebook, he […]
12 Feb 2016

Quick Mass Texting Cheat Sheet: 3 Must Know Tips

Maybe you’re all about mass texting, but don’t have time to delve into the nitty gritty logistics. You need to fire out your first campaign in a hurry. Although we usually advise against this type of initial urgency, here’s a quick mass texting cheat sheet to follow if you find yourself in that predicament. 1. Choose a […]
8 Feb 2016

Mass Texting Solutions Make Instant Communication a Breeze

So, who exactly uses our mass texting solutions? Well, to name just a few; restaurants, retail locations, e-commerce stores, churches, and schools. In previous articles, we’ve touched a ton on restaurants and retail locations. Today, we want to elaborate more on the benefits of mass texting for churches, schools, and nonprofit organizations. With restaurants and […]
5 Feb 2016

Top Features from Our Group Texting Service

Our group texting service prioritizes results. That’s no secret, as we’re constantly seeing users upgrade to paid plans. Sure, we give you an awesome return on your investment, but what other rewards do you reap when partnering with SlickText.com? First things first, let’s dive a bit deeper into our favorite text marketing features. Birthday Rewards Reward your […]
2 Feb 2016

Our Mass Texting Service Makes These 3 Promises

Why partner with a mass texting service that doesn’t put your needs at the forefront? That just doesn’t make sense. Pick a platform that prioritizes your desire for reasonable growth. Below are three promises we make to you, our loyal mass texting customer. 1. We promise to be reliable. You can count on us. We know […]