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18 Apr 2014

Text Message Marketing. A Success for TAO Nightclub.

More people use their mobile device to access the Internet than computers. This is a fact, not an assumption. Furthermore it is expected that the number of people who access the web through their phones will only increase in the upcoming year. Thus, text message marketing is something that your brand must start using NOW […]
14 Apr 2014

Text Message Marketing & Crimestoppers UK

Crime Stoppers UK began a new program that would focus upon the knife crime ever increasing in occurrence in East London. The program was rolled out in three schools, and along with  mCriobile, information about crimes can be reported though text message marketing. Anderson Software LLC and mBlox have provided Crime Stoppers UK with a […]
12 Apr 2014

Text Message Marketing Best Buy Style

Best Buy is one of many retailers that leaned toward text message marketing to help them produce more profits from Black Friday sales in 2013. While official sales results are still being compiled, most retailers including Best Buy, will agree that 2013 was a very powerful year, and text marketing plays a big role in […]
9 Apr 2014

Is your Text Message Marketing Worth $47 Million?

Text message marketing mistakes are not cheap, and unless you have an extra $47 million lying around to pay for such mistakes, it is a good idea that you always obtain permission to send text marketing messages before you do. Jiffy Lube recently learned this lesson the hard way with that $47 million dollar lawsuit. […]
6 Apr 2014

Text marketing Not-for-Profit Survey Results

Text donations are on the rise, and more and more charities are realizing how beneficial sms can be when it is time to raise money or awareness for their organization. Usage of text marketing for donations rose from 33% in 2012 to 49% in 2013, and there’s no question about it: Things will continue to […]
4 Apr 2014

Text Marketing Lawsuit Means Change for Marketers

The lawsuits were filed. Many companies were involved, including names like JC Penney and The new York Times. The lawsuit alleged these companies were in violation of the due to their use of hyperlinks in text messages sent to subscribers on their text marketing list. Now a judge has dismissed those suits. The Lawsuit Filed […]
4 Apr 2014

Text Marketing & Horse Racing go Hand in Hand

Horse racing is popular around the world, and thousands of people from around the world place bets on their favorite horses. Bloomsbury Racing is helping those who bet on the races with a subscription based text marketing service that provides all of the news that you need to know to make the best bets. The […]
3 Apr 2014

The Bad Text Marketing Apple, Says the FTC

One bad apple spoils the whole bunch. How often have you heard this statement? A recent individual who sent  out text marketing messages to thousands of people without having their prior consent is proving that, in fact, one bad apple doe spoil the whole bunch. The Federal trade Commission (FTC) filed lawsuit in federal court […]
1 Apr 2014

Papa John’s Text Marketing Troubles

Papa John’s had landed themselves in some hot water a while back, and it is all related to a text marketing campaign. How did this pizza giant get themselves involved in  a class action lawsuit related to text marketing? The company Is alleged to have sent messages to people who had not opted-in or shown […]
28 Mar 2014

Text Marketing with Glaceau Vitaminwater & Coca-Cola

Glaceau Vitaminwater has gone mobile, recently launching an text message marketing program to provide their customers with an awesome coupon and change to win fun tickets to a concert. On specially marked bottles of the Coca Cola branded products are short codes and keywords. Text and you have the chance to win these tickets. The […]