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11 Mar 2015

Text Message Marketing Spreads Awareness for Domestic Violence Campaign

You may think that text message marketing is only used to encourage sales or grow business. Some of you may also realize that text message marketing can be used as an internal communication tool. But, what you may not have noticed is how organizations are now using text message marketing to spread awareness about important […]
6 Mar 2015

Conference Coordinators Go Mobile with Text Message Marketing

We are rapidly closing in on the height of the digital age. People are dropping print as a marketing medium, and instead choosing cost effective mobile alternatives. Text message marketing is at the core of these changes, as it is a simple way to reach mass groups of people in a matter of seconds. Event coordinators […]
9 Jan 2015

Inspirational Text Message Marketing Campaigns

If you need a bit of text message marketing inspiration, we are here to give it to you. Although it has shown great results in many different cases over the years, the following three campaigns have stuck out in our minds, and we want to share those results with you!   Route 66 Harley Davidson […]
17 Dec 2014

Black Friday Sales Increased with Text Message Marketing

If you are unfamiliar with text message marketing, now is the time to get to know this prime method of marketing, especially with Black Friday and Small Business Saturday events. SMS marketing, as it is also known, has an open rate as high as 97%, and it can work for all businesses. Black Friday is […]
4 Dec 2014

Text Message Marketing Works for Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson helps mom and baby feel special with their products, including baby lotions and washes, but for Mother’s Day, the brand is doing a little something extra for moms, thanks to the help of text message marketing. Text4Baby, a partnership campaign though Johnson and Johnson, Healthy Babies Coalition, Wireless Foundation, National Healthy Mothers […]
28 Nov 2014

How Three Major Companies are using Text Marketing

National brands, including Macy’s, 7-Eleven, and Caribou Coffee have increasingly been using text message marketing to drive sales, and with the incorporation of this mobile strategy, great results have been seen. Macy’s used text marketing during Labor Day weekend to increase sales. The company sent text messages to those on their list. The message contained […]
20 Oct 2014

Olive Garden Uses Text Marketing With Redbox

Olive Garden has partnered with Redbox to provide a text marketing promotion that customers just cannot resist. Their promotion, titled ‘Buy One, take One,’ offers the chance to enjoy a meal and a movie at no charge. To participate, customers simply subscribe to the brand’s SMS marketing list. Once subscribed, their next purchase from the […]
13 Oct 2014

Redbox Continues to Impress with Text Message Marketing

Recently Redbox sent a message to individuals on their text message marketing list that presented them with a link for a scratch-off deal. No one knew what kind of deal they would be getting until clicking the link and playing the game. The message was simple: “It’s time to reveal a deal.” At that time, […]
26 Sep 2014

Yes to Text Marketing for Your Health

The surveys were given, and the results might surprise you: there is a whopping 80% of smartphone users who would like to receive text marketing health alerts. The survey, conducted by FICO, shows that technology is indeed our friend, and that consumers would love to be able to simply get a text or notification from […]
7 Sep 2014

World Cup Text Message Marketing

It is only once every four years that the world has the privilege of viewing the World Cup, and these days, marketers are capitalizing more than ever before on this special football event. This time, it is the app called ‘Yo’ that is making headlines, despite the dozens of awesome apps out there. This app […]