Online Texting Services Prioritize Campaigns That Provide Extreme Value

online texting service

Our online texting service¬†prioritizes subscriber satisfaction. Don’t fire out an SMS campaign “just because”. Always have a plan, and schedule out all campaigns in advance. Follow a set promotional structure, and make sure each campaign includes the following elements.


Reward your subscribers with special offers on their birthday. If this doesn’t fit your current demographic, then segment your list based on age, location, preferences, etc. In some way, shape or form, personalize your¬†SMS campaigns. Long term, this will increase subscriber retention rates, and is a key element to success.


Make sure your SMS offers are exclusive to subscribers. Don’t duplicate promotions on other outlets. For example, don’t fire out a 20% off mobile coupon code, and then two hours later, post this same offer on Facebook. By doing so, you’re devaluing your SMS list, and will observe increased opt outs as a result.

Qualified Value

Make sure you provide subscribers with extremely valuable promotions. Don’t simply fire out a 10% off coupon code, or make offer redemption near impossible. Make sure your offers are targeted and applicable. If the offer is too specific, you won’t observe maximum results. Keep it broad, but as targeted as possible.

Looking for some basic campaign ideas to get you started? Give these a try.

1. Text to Win Contest

Reward subscribers and encourage new opt ins with a text to win contest. Make sure you feature an irresistible prize, as this ensures maximum results.

2. Show This Text to Redeem

Fire out mobile coupon codes that require in person redemption. If you own a small business, this campaign will easily increase foot traffic and offer redemption.

3. Birthday Rewards

Reward subscribers with automated birthday offers. Collect DOB at initial opt in, and let our system do the rest.

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