Olive Garden Uses Text Marketing With Redbox

Olive Garden Rexbox text marketing

Olive Garden has partnered with Redbox to provide a text marketing promotion that customers just cannot resist. Their promotion, titled ‘Buy One, take One,’ offers the chance to enjoy a meal and a movie at no charge. To participate, customers simply subscribe to the brand’s SMS marketing list. Once subscribed, their next purchase from the restaurant entitles them to a code for a free rental from Redbox. The codes for Redbox could be redeemed at any of the 35,000 Redbox kiosks from around the country.


Getting the Deal

Olive Garden’s parent company, Darden Restaurants, used the Redbox promotion during the restaurant’s slow periods and sales are down. Applebee’s also participated in a similar program a few months back. Applebee’s ran a promotion with Flixster, a smartphone movie app.   The program was a great success, and brought awareness to both of the brands.

Redbox is a Hit

In 2013, Redbox was at all-time movie rental sales, with 40 million unique credit cards used at one of their kiosks. That’s not all. There were four million new text marketing subscribers, 5 million new fans on their social media sites, and more than 17 million engaging with the brand via their smartphone. With their promotion, Redbox was able to gain the three pieces of information needed for SMS success- the customers location, email address, and  credit card details.

The idea behind dinner and a movie was to promote via word of mouth, and as most people know, this is still the very best way to spread the word.