New Apple Technology Means Text Marketing Changes

Apple MessagesNumerous states across the United States have implemented laws that make it dangerous to text while driving an automobile. These laws aim to eliminate accidents caused by distracted drivers. However, things aren’t so cut and dry in other countries. In fact, Japan has a whole other account of things. A recent public service announcement put out by NTT Docomo encouraged pedestrians to start keeping a better eye on where they are and where they are going.

According to the new announcement, one in five people who are walking and texting injure themselves. A recent survey indicated that of 1500 people, 547 of them tripped, fell or dropped their phone while crossing the street because they were not paying attention.

Now Apple is working on a solution for this problem in Japan, and with good reason since there are more than 7.25 million iPhones sold in the country. As you might expect the solution is big news, and Apple is currently working on patents for the new idea. What is this? Alive video that enables the user to see their surroundings in live form. They can view other people who might be on the sidewalks, vehicles, street lamps and more. The camera is built-in to the iPhone and captures the surrounding around the person even as they complete other activities on their phone, including texting.

Although there are currently apps out there that provide nearly the same type of activity, they lack the live editing that is needed to keep people safe. With Apple’s new patent they hope that this is eliminated and that more people can stay safe without the need of inputting special text into their phones.

For text message marketing professionals the new changes (when and if they are implemented) could mean some serious yet exciting things. Geo-targeting will be one of the highlights. Imagine walking down the road and seeing everything that is behind you. How amazing.