Native Ads Trump Banner Ads on Mobile Devices

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This year, native ads have taken the lead, especially when it comes to mobile devices and advertiser preferences. When reviewing this information, we asked our team, what’s so special about native ads? Although we came up with a bunch of different reasons, there were a few that stood out as undeniable.

While banner ads usually appear borderline unreadable on a mobile device, native ads adjust to screen size and resolution.

When was the last time you zoomed in to read a banner ad on your mobile device? Probably never. Users don’t want to be bothered with tiny text or blurry graphics. Native ad formats adjust to screen size, device capabilities, and resolution, which makes them an obvious choice for the future.

Native ads boast higher CTRs. 

When comparing click through rates, there actually is no comparison. Some evidence actually supports that the majority of banner click throughs is completely accidental. On the other hand, there are some native ad formats that see as high as a 50% click through rate.

Native ads have an incredible visual appeal. 

Look at a native ad. Now look at a banner ad. Which do you prefer? The majority of mobile savvy users will definitely agree, the native ad format is appealing, personalized, and a great long term solution.

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