Mobile Payments App Square Cash Now Available

Square Cash Launches

If you’re a modern and tech savvy retailer, you’ve probably used Square before to capture payments. It’s always been and quick and effective way to streamline the payment process, especially if you’re a business owner on the move. Use it to accept in store payments for products, or capture payments from clients when offering your service. The extreme ease of use and functionality of this tool has recently encouraged other payment gateways to close the gap. Paypal has given Square a run for their money, as they’ve prioritized mobile optimization. Apple Pay also encouraged Square to rethink their past strategy, with a constant hunger for innovation.

Today, Square Cash has officially open its doors, so to speak, for business owners all across the country. Now, instead of seeing funds sit in an intermediate holding account, you are able to immediately send payments to your main bank account. And, on top of this, Square Cash only charges a small fee of 1.5%. This is minimal in comparison to other payment gateways, who charge anywhere from 3-5%.

Square Cash also implemented a new feature called $Cashtags, which allows customers to send payments via a unique identifier. This way, professionals don’t have to give away personal information, like phone numbers, email addresses, or bank accounts.

If you’re a business owner, never be afraid to express your needs. In the world of mobile app development, companies are always looking to innovate and revolutionize based on the needs of the user. If you’re not satisfied with the provided service, then always make suggestions as to how it can be improved. At, we always respond well to this mentality. We’re constantly looking to grow and offer you, the user, with top of the line service.

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