Mobile Marketing Enhances Brand Loyalty Initiatives

SMS marketing

One of the easiest ways to observe increased brand loyalty? Invest in mobile marketing. About 99% of U.S. citizens own a mobile device. Just observing this statistic alone, it’s easy to see why this new school tactic is so effective. A recent study released by Juniper Research suggests that mobile messaging traffic is predicted to increase by 200% in 2019. That’s an insane amount of growth, and it’s simply due to the convenience and immediacy of mobile messaging campaigns.

To be more specific, SMS marketing has played a huge part in these anticipations. Why? Well take a look around. Just by observing people within your current proximity, how many have a mobile device within arm’s reach? It’s safe to say, most, if not all do. Keeping that in mind, it’s easy to see why 99% of text messages are opened within the first five minutes of delivery. Although it’s sometimes an unfortunate truth, we as a society are addicted to our mobile phones.

Mobile messaging will continue to be a catalyst to brand loyalty. Ultimately, this leads to continual and long term business growth. Now, never take for granted the sky high open rates of SMS. Continue to offer value to subscribers, and respect SMS marketing best practices.

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