Mobile Marketing and SMS: What’s the Real Difference?

You’ve probably heard the terms mobile marketing and SMS marketing used interchangeably. Unfortunately, this is definitely misleading, as there is no one or the other. They are not one in the same, nor are they comparative options. Mobile marketing acts like an umbrella to SMS. SMS is just one type of mobile marketing.

So, with that said, let’s say you start working with a mobile marketing consultant. Should you expect that this person is going to take the reins on your SMS marketing campaigns? Not necessarily. Now that you are starting to understand the difference between mobile marketing and SMS marketing, you can carefully weigh out your options, and see which path applies.

Now, some retailers might use SMS, but others might not find it to be effective. That doesn’t mean mobile marketing still isn’t a great solution. Find the mobile marketing methods that work for you. Invest a specific amount of time into method testing. Try SMS for a few months, and observe your return. If it’s something that’s proving to be effective, definitely scale up your spend and efforts.

Under the umbrella of mobile marketing, the following also apply.

  • Mobile app development
    Develop a custom app that simplifies the purchasing process.
  • Mobile optimized website
    Google puts a heavier weight in search on sites that are optimized for mobile. It’s pretty much a non negotiable at this point. Make sure your website screams responsive, or else you’ll definitely get dinged in search.

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