Mobile Apps and Text Marketing

Mobile Apps and Text MarketingIt is a dog eat dog world, and as such businesses are always in competition with one another and looking to one up the other. Each company out there wants to be your favorite brand and the retailer that you visit more often than the rest. This is true even when it comes to the mobile carriers that you have to pick from.

The advances in technology is making the competition among the mobile carriers even stronger.  There are apps and a slew of other opportunities to bring in the customers, and the companies who can give the latest technology at the best service and at the lowest cost are those who will get the customers in the door.

AT&T Ahead of the Game

AT&T is one mobile company looking to be on the forefront  and gain the attention of all customers. The newest offering from AT&T Is known as LTE roaming  which enables text marketing in a number of different international locations.  This means that the popular US marketing scheme of text marketing is going global.  LTE roaming enables a business to send not just a text message, but a MMS message with video, graphics, photos, links, etc. as well.

While they’re throwing goodies out there, AT&T also plans to make text messaging to international lands free to those who are on their hone plans. This is just the latest in the bag of tricks from AT&T. In February they rolled out Mobile Share and Mobile Share value plans to their customers, providing third party capabilities and enabling more to get done.

The new service from AT&T is planned for availability in 190 countries so far , although MMS is limited to 120 countries. Another disadvantage is that laptops and tablets are not supported and messages must be sent from phone to phone. For phone customers who have normally been paying for such services the news could not be any better.

T-Mobile Joining Forces

AT&T is not alone in their new and improved services and offerings. They recently launched a new program that doubles data for customers while keeping the same price as what they currently paid. In addition T-Mobile know supports 120 countries internationally with text messaging service.

More Competition in Store

Mobile apps are the trend right now. In 2013 more than 21billion messages were sent on a daily basis using third party apps. That number is far greater than that of SMS alone. There is good reason for the greater number of users. It is free, for one, and that is always appealing.

Among the most popular SMS apps out there today are WhatsApp, WeChat, Kik and MessageMe. AT&T is ready to address this new phenonomon and take back their customers.