Mass Texting Solutions Make Instant Communication a Breeze

mass texting

So, who exactly uses our mass texting solutions? Well, to name just a few; restaurants, retail locations, e-commerce stores, churches, and schools. In previous articles, we’ve touched a ton on restaurants and retail locations. Today, we want to elaborate more on the benefits of mass texting for churches, schools, and nonprofit organizations.

With restaurants and retail locations, text messaging is definitely used as a marketing tool. Fire out exclusive, limited time offers, and watch as mobile subscribers rush to redeem. However, with schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations, it isn’t as promotional in nature.

These institutions are using our text messaging solutions as a communication tool.¬†It’s not necessarily about marketing. It’s simply about spreading a message.

For example, a church might want to send out the following.

  • Service reminders
  • Event cancellations
  • Daily devotionals

In addition, a school might want to try its hand at the following campaigns.

  • Emergency alerts
  • Special announcements
  • Last minute schedule changes
  • Severe weather warnings

Although these messages aren’t promotional in nature, they’re equally as important. They relay important information, and in one way, shape or form, encourage every single subscriber to take some sort of action. Now, keep in mind, this action can be as simple as “Join us for worship” or “Monthly meeting this Wednesday at 3pm!” Either way, text messaging helps bridge the gap between one institution¬†and its mass community of members.

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