Mass Texting Goes Mainstream in 2016

mass texting service

Gone are the days of firing out hundreds, even thousands of text messages from one long code. Not only is this completely inefficient, it also comes across as spammy and intrusive. Instead, partner up with a mass texting service that allows you to fire out qualified messages from a dedicated short code. For example, let’s say you own a string of franchise restaurants within the United States.  You’re looking for a mass communication solution that allows you to instantly touch base with restaurant patrons.

In our opinion, what’s the obvious solution? Give mass texting a try. For example, your franchise is running a nationwide $5 burger special. You want all potentially interested customers to know about this special. Because the open rate of a text message sits at around 99%, you can almost guarantee that all engaged patrons will learn about this special. Keeping that in mind, you draft up a text message that looks something like this: We’re running a nationwide burger frenzy! Stop in now thru Friday, and show this text to redeem your $5 burger.

This is a perfect example of mass texting, and how you can use it to grow your business. You engage current patrons and reward loyal subscribers for their patronage. In this situation, everybody wins. You get to immediately and regularly touch base with interested customers, and in turn, they receive exclusive mobile offers. This is exactly why mass texting is the way to go in 2016.

So what’s the next step? Team up with our mass texting service today. We offer solutions that help everyone from small business owners to nationwide franchisees. Our platform is packed to the brim with educational resources that empower you to succeed. Want to get started? Give us a ring at 1.800.688.6290. Not really a phone person? That’s totally cool. Shoot us a message at We’re always here to help.