Marketers Should Beware of Mobile Advertising Fraud

Mobile Advertising Fraud

Mobile marketing has observed an insane increase in usage and effectiveness these past couple years. Keeping this in mind, there’s bound to be a few bad seeds that pop up. Fraudulent advertising companies like to take advantage of marketing trends, and capitalize on their effectiveness. As we have discussed before, the native ad format is going to be the go to layout for 2015, but that doesn’t mean all mobile advertising partners are looking to offer you results.

If you’ve worked in marketing for a while, you know that pay per click advertising does perform. As long as your ad is put in front of the right eyes, and offers a reasonable amount of value, this tactic can greatly increase site traffic and encourage new business. But, there are still some fraudsters out there looking to steal your money, and create mobile campaigns that just won’t perform.

Here’s a couple signs to look for when searching for mobile advertising fraud.

1. A massive amount of traffic is coming from the same location.

If you use Google Analytics to track website data, pop into your dashboard at least once a week and take note of some basic traffic data. This could include referral source and location information. Segment your users and observe metrics like bounce rate, time on site, etc. If the numbers just don’t seem to match up [i.e. 1,000 users from the same zipcode were all on your site for 30 seconds or less], you might be experiencing mobile advertising fraud.

2. Your mobile ads just aren’t converting.

If you’ve partnered up with a lesser known mobile advertising platform, don’t forget to ask for data. You want to make sure you’re always getting a return on your investment. More than impressions, you want to know how many clicks your ad is receiving, as well as your average CTR. On top of this, measure how many of those clicks actually convert. If you are seemingly getting thousands of clicks, but no conversions, it’s safe to say you’re being tricked.

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