Marketers Forced to Get Crafty in the Post Attention Age

SMS marketing

We’ve preached before on the importance of going mobile with your marketing campaigns. Although we never recommend centering all your efforts around this new school method, it definitely should take up a good chunk of your strategic planning brain space.

In general, marketing professionals should always look towards the future, and search for innovative solutions that heighten the customer experience and offer a great ROI.

With that said, we’re in the midst of the age of distractions and interruptions. You can’t just assume people will read, engage, and respond to all of your messages. You must go one step further, and make sure every single campaign is highly targeted and valuable.

When collecting phone numbers, or other contact information, don’t be sneaky. Some online retailers will make shoppers tick a box if they do not wish to receive mobile alerts and email notifications. This is an example of sneaky and misleading lead generation. Avoid this practice at all costs, as it will only damage customer engagement.

Instead, make sure customers clearly know when they’re opting in to your mobile rewards club. This ensures that all your subscribers are 100% qualified, and know exactly what to expect.

When composing your mobile marketing campaigns, keep the following rules in mind.

  • Only send SMS messages to customers who have given clear opt in consent.
  • Make sure your PPC campaigns are optimized for mobile.
  • If you’re firing out a limited time offer, keep the redemption process simple.
  • For all offers, create a sense of urgency with a limited window of redemption.

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