Make Sure Your Online Texting Service Prioritizes These Values

online texting service

Your online texting service stinks. Ok, we’re half kidding. Maybe they really aren’t that bad, but you can do better. Now, we don’t want to point fingers here, but we kinda sorta think we’re a bit more awesome than the rest. When choosing an online texting service, you should pick a provider that prioritizes these three elements: education, innovation, and customer support.


Does your online texting service provide you with the resources needed to succeed? Do they have guides, infographics, video tutorials, and blog posts? (Yep, you guessed it. We do!) If you have no learning material, how can you become a text marketing pro? You guessed it. You just won’t.


Is your online texting service forward moving or stagnant? Are they constantly adding to a growing list of features, or are they simply happy with basic back and forth text communication? Every quarter, we launch a handful of new features. We believe in providing above average opportunity, not just basic functionality. When you work with companies that prioritize innovation, they’ll always go above and beyond to make sure your business needs are satisfied.

Customer Support

How available are the support reps at your current text marketing provider? Are they just a phone call away? If their response time is over 48 hours, you should really consider switching to another service. Because text marketing is a fairly new tactic, you need to work with a provider that prioritizes your questions and concerns.

Join forces with top online texting service, Give us a call at 1.800.688.6290 to learn more, or head over to the pricing page and sign up for a free plan. Oh, by the way: our free plan is free forever, no credit card required. We don’t believe in free trials. We want you to grow on your time, not ours.