Mac Cosmetics Introduces New Line Via Text Message Marketing

mac-cosmetics text message marketingFor brands that launch new products regularly, the use of text message marketing could very well be the method of promotion that works wonders for your label. Mac Cosmetics has done just that, using this popular marketing method to launch some of their new products, including the new Sharon & Kelly Osbourne line. Those who were already subscribed to the SMS list received the messages when the product was released, giving them a clickable link that would direct them to a new line.

Text mesage marketing is the best way to introduce a new product line because you can almost guarantee that it is read by the recipient, and within a short amount of time. With the average text messages read within three minutes of them being sent. If Mac Cosmetics is doing it, you know something has to be right about text marketing. Consider it as your means of product launch announcements and news.