Let’s Review This Papa John’s Text to Win Contest

We love the opportunity that text to win contests bring. With one simple incentive, and tons of contest promotion, you can easily grow your SMS marketing list. Remember, when taking advantage of this awesome SMS marketing feature, be sure to offer an irresistible grand prize. Don’t simply promote a $25 gift card, as this will garner little to no attention. You want potential and current subscribers to do a double take when they see contest promotional materials. This should be five times more valuable than your opt in incentive, as that what makes text to win contests so effective.

Below is a promotional graphic for a recent text to win contest from Papa John’s Pizza.

SMS marketing text to win contest

With this graphic, we like the mouthwatering visual, as it definitely helps sells the product. We also like how the grand prize and opt in instructions are pictured in bold. The one thing we can’t quite figure out? The actual textword. Why did Papa John’s decide to use the word CATS? There’s either one of two reasons. First, maybe this textword was actually relevant to the campaign backstory. This is somewhat likely. If not, maybe it was chosen at random to drum up a bit more attention. In general, we recommend choosing textwords that are easy to remember, but also applicable. We aren’t huge fans of random textwords like the one pictured above.

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