Legos & Yogurt Go Hand in Hand With Text Marketing Campaign

Text Marketing For the Lego MovieWarner Brothers and Dannon, two names familiar and enjoyable to most of us, have learned just how effective text message marketing really is. Neither company had used this form of marketing until recently when the pair teamed together to create one outstanding campaigns . This campaign included of a new exciting yogurt for children, the new The Lego Movie coming to theaters, and the Hispanic community.

Dannon introduced a new line of Danimals Greek Yogurt products with the help of text marketing, offering the chance for consumers to text to win an exciting package that included tickets to the Lego Movie, a VIP tour of Warner Bros. Studio and of course autographed posters from the movie. All that was required to enter the contest was to text the word Dannon to a special short code number.

Since consumers often decide the products they will purchase while they’re shopping at the market, Dannon decided this was the perfect opportunity to allow them to interact with the brand while at the same time taking a shot at winning a totally awesome prize. And, since kids love The Lego Movie, what better way to get their attention to the yogurt?

The main promotion conducted was aimed at the Hispanic population. It is so often that actual metrics with this group of people are unknown, thus the campaign aimed to help them learn more about their buying habits while engaging them with healthy food choices.

Since Dannon wanted to promote this yogurt to younger children, The Lego Movie, a film aimed toward a younger audience, worked perfectly. It was CausePlay that created the campaign which was promoted throughout the Southern California area. Inside of supermarkets throughout the area there were signs placed advertising the promotion, along with displays on the shelf. Dannon also took things one step further and offered promotions of the text to win contest through ads in newspapers and magazines and on radio as well. Each of the advertising methods detailed how to enter the contest for a shot at the prize, and offered the chance to download a super cool phone or computer wallpaper.

There wasn’t only one prize being offered. There were a total of four grand prize packages available. Each package includes 4 VIP tickets to tour the studio, along with a signed poster and four tickets to see The Lego Movie.

Mr. Mino, the creator of the text program, tells us that Dannon has never held a campaign via SMS in the past. Furthermore there was not a list opt-in with the promotion, since it was the first campaign. Plans for offering this optional opt-in will be available in future promotions, according to Mino, once people have become accustomed to how text message marketing works. Mr. Mino says that he believes the Hispanic community, which Dannon solely wants to target with this campaign, can greatly benefit with text marketing.

Why was text marketing chosen for this campaign? According to Mr. Mino SMS has proven itself effective time and time again, and it is easy. It is wonderful for customer-client communication and interaction as well.  He fully believes that engaging the Hispanic community through text message marketing will offer a broader spectrum for the Dannon name.