Instagram Hopes to Increase User Engagement with Email Highlights

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If done correctly, email marketing can greatly increase social engagement. However, if a social media channel abuses this power, it will do just the opposite. Instagram has decided to tread that fine line, as they predict that the risk is definitely worth the reward. Currently, all Instagram users browse on their own time. The search tab curates content for you based on your following and interests, but once you exit the app, the connection is broken. The user must make a conscious decision to reengage, which might not be until a week later.

Once a week, Pinterest, another visually dominated social platform, fires out a Pins You’ll Love email. This highlights user recommendations, as well as top pins from the people you follow. Instagram is looking to adopt this same strategy, in hopes that user engagement and frequency will increase. This initiative is brand new, as Instagram hasn’t even properly introduced an opt out option.

From a user’s perspective, what’s so great about a highlight email? You won’t miss out on popular content. Instagram hopes this email will bring users back to their platform, and from that point, encourage them to share more content. If you see something that inspires you in the email, you may decide to like, comment, or even post something similar.

In order to be successful, social media platforms must find ways to connect with users on multiple platforms, and Instagram plans on doing just that.

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